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    Audi A1 Sportback 1.4 TFSI Sport review - price, specs and 0-60 time

    Jetta Mk1. Vw Mk1. Ttsi Volkswagen. Fabrika yakıt tüketimi ve Gerçek yakıt tüketimi aşağıdadır. Bu incelemede, Audi A1'e daha yakından bakacağız. Alman otomotiv üreticisi Audi tarafından üretilen süper mini sınıf bir araçtır.

    Kasım 'de resmi olarak satışa sunuldu. Bir yıl sonra, 'de dünya çapında piyasaya sürüldü. Çalışma Koltuğu. Matkap ve Vidalama Matkap Vidalama.

    3 kapı audi a1

    Çim Biçme Makinesi. Akım Korumalı Priz. Sıcak Hava Tabancası. Elektrikli Zımpara. Çivi ve Zımba Tabancası. Lazer Metre. Basınçlı Yıkama Makinesi. Takım Çantası. Kaynak Makinesi. Ses Sistemi. Audi'nin ilk etapta 3 kapılı olarak sunulan en küçük modeli A1'in 5 kapılı gövde tipi olan A1 Sportback'in detaylarının hepsinin aynı diyebiliriz 3.

    Boyutları değişmese de arka koltuğunda daha fazla hacim sunduğu belirtilen A1 Sportback'i mini segment bir araç olduğunu unutmamalıyız. Tabi bu LED desteği için Euro spotr ödüyorsunuz. LED destekli arka stop grubu bagaj kapağı üzerinde tek parça olarak tasarlanmış. Bagaj kapağı kaldırıldığında ortaya çıkan ayrı stop lambaları, aracın bagaj kapağı açık durumdayken daha iyi görünür olmasını sağlıyorlar. Aracın iç mekanında kullanılan malzemelerin kalitesi çok yüksek.

    Her iki gövdenin de spor qudi var Audi S1 ve Audi S1 Sportback viraj alırken verimliliğini artırmak için quattro dört tekerlekten çekiş kullanır.

    Önceki nesil Seat Ibiza ve Volkswagen Polo tarafından kullanılan platformun aynısını kullanıyor. El Audi A1 3 kapılı 3,97 metre uzunluğunda, 1,75 metre genişliğinde ve 1,42 metre yüksekliğinde dış boyutlarına sahip olan araç, 2,47 metre dingil mesafesi sunuyor.

    Tabii ki, onun içini de hesaba katmalıyız. Ağırlığı yaklaşık 1. El Audi A1 Sportback 3 kapılı model ile aynı ölçü ve ölçülere sahiptir. Externally, the C pillar has been shifted backwards and the rear screen is dooor audi a1 5 door sportback 1 4 tfsi sport steeper angle. The kerb weight of each version is about 25kgs greater than the equivalent 3dr.

    Four engine variants will be initially available: a 1. Apart from the most powerful bhp and lb ft petrol variant, all the cars are free from road tax in the first year, and the 1. The 1. Based around a newly developed 1. Dynamically it feels little different from the three-door version. Despite the small changes, the wheelbase remains the same, as does the suspension set-up, with MacPherson strut at the front and a torsion beam rear end.

    The engine is also incredibly refined, which can be misleading: even when you plant your right foot flat aa1 the floor, the lack of a rorty engine note can give you the impression that progress is more sedate than it actually is. The steering is crisp and increases in weight at higher speeds, and the A1 Sportback is versatile enough to be nimble in town, adept and relatively hushed at motorway cruising, sure-footed and compliant on winding country roads.

    Although you can make swift, efficient progress from A to B, it is not necessarily going to be a journey that elicits a broad grin on your face. 55 of that grown-up appeal is the array of technology on offer, not least the new cylinder on demand system. Activation of the system is pretty much seamless: it shuts down the second and third cylinders of the four-pot engine under low and intermediate loads and when coasting.

    Activation occurs at between rpm.

    When you press the throttle hard, all four cylinders start singing again within the blink of an eye. Find a car review Make Make. Model Model. Reviews Home Audi A1 A1 hatchback. Evo rating. On previous experience, that could be a mixed blessing… Engine, performance and time Despite the extra doors, the A1 itself has only grown by 6mm in terms of overall length.

    More reviews. Engine cc four-cylinder, turbocharged Max power bhp rpm Max torque lb ft rpm 9-secs Top speed mph On tfso Now. Home Car Search Brands. Before you buy any car compare it on carsnitch Enter Reg. Search All Cars Audi A1. Total Price £12, Dealer in High Wycombe Rated 4.

    Contact Dealer Contact Dealer Site. Is this car a good price? Is this a good dealer? Compare this A1 Try it we do it automatically for you or search all 3, A1 cars in stock.

    In its era, it remained the least expensive way of bringing a premium badge onto your driveway, while still preserving a modicum of practicality.

    In this form, the car sold until mid, when a second generation design offered only in five-door Sportback form was announced. This is exactly as you'd expect a miniature Audi to look, yet the styling of this car also gives the A1 a bit of its own personality: it's more than merely a scaled-down version of the larger A3.

    This is all far more sophisticated, with a continuous, pronounced shoulder line that runs from the trademark single frame front xport, then along the flanks before wrapping around the rear. The Polo parentage certainly isn't obvious, the wheels set more widely apart, the body riding a little lower. It's all neat, confident and very classy, with the finished effect being especially smart if you get a car whose original ffsi specified the contrasting roof that's unique to the more versatile Sportback body style.

    Doof creating the Sportback shape, it would have been easiest simply to cut a couple of rear doors into the existing three-door bodystyle - but that wouldn't have been very Audi.

    So instead, the original A1 five-door design was revisited from scratch, resulting in 6mm more width and height for this Sportback model, plus a B-pillar located 23cm further back and a roofline that's 80mm longer to facilitate headroom in the rear. As for the changes made to this improved postera version, well you'd need to be very familiar indeed with the first generation A1 model range to notice them.

    The enhancements mostly centred upon a front sportack featuring revisions to the air intakes and the fog lights, as well as revised bumpers with more powerful contours that made this updated car 19mm longer than the original design. More overt were the updates made to the wider, more distinctive Singleframe front grille that's flanked by restyled headlights that were in this form able to incorporate hi-tech xenon plus technology.

    The subtly restyled tailgate lamps are another beautifully crafted part of this car. If Xenon headlights have been fitted, the tail lamps are made up of 54 SuperRed LEDs, emitting an intense, deep red colour.

    But of course, other drivers won't be able to see them at night when the hatch is raised, so when that's up, these extra lights on the backs of the C-pillars illuminate for improved roadside safety. The loading lip is aidi comfortably low 66cm and once you get your stuff above it, you'll find a litre boot that, a little disappointingly, is the same size as it would be with the three-door A1 bodyshape.

    Audi A1 Fiyat

    That means it's sprt huge but the space provided is par for the course in the five-door supermini segment - and about the same as you'd get from a five-door MINI Hatch. Plus you can make very good use of the room on offer if you get a car whose original owner paid extra for an optional luggage package which features divided storage compartments under the loading floor to prevent your bottles of Coke scrambling your eggs on the way home.

    If you do need extra room and can fold down the back split-folding back seat a process that doesn't require removal of the headreststhen up to litres of space is available, again, the same as you'd get in a three-door A1. Enter in through the long doors and you'll discover what you probably will have expected to find: the smartest cabin in the class, enhanced on most versions of this improved model with extra chrome and high-glass black detailing.

    There's a aaudi console that's supposed to be styled like a ship's stern and a dash apparently modelled on the shape of an aircraft wing, the fascia section decorated with large circular air vents designed to resemble jet engines and which original buyers could trim in personalisable colours. The knurled metal heater controls are particularly smart and above these, you might expect to find the kind of centre-dash colour audj display that's becoming increasingly common in modern superminis but audii, in an up-market touch, this is secreted away in a fold-out panel on top of the fascia.

    It doesn't glide up electrically as it would on one of Audi's larger models but it's still one of the features that makes this cabin feel like that of a much more luxurious car. Access to the rear in the Sportback variant is obviously aided by a longer roofline, but you shouldn't get your hopes up too high with regard to the potential space inside.

    This is after all, still a supermini measuring under 4m in length and the wheelbase of the five-door body style remains unchanged from that of the alternative three-door model.

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    • Audi A1 Sportback (8X) 1.4 TFSI (122 Hp) 2012, 2013, 2014 Specs.
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    Most A1 Sportback owners we came across in our survey seemed very satisfied, but inevitably there were a few issues with some cars. One owner found that his 1. He mentioned also that the stop start system was very unreliable a new fuel pump had to be fitted. And struggled with a horrible creaking sound through the forward bulkhead which required a new engine mount. This car also had a constant rattling from underside, a power steering failure and an undue appetite for engine oil.

    The Audi A1 SPORTBACK TFSI SPORT is a front wheel drive five-door hatchback that was released to the Australian market on classified as a 8X MY The A1 is.

    Audi A1 TFSI Sport Nav 5dr. Located at. Something like this - the much improved postera first generation A1 Sportback.

    Why choose us?

    This is the five-door version of an A1 model. Web2 days ago · Doors 5 Seats 5 MPH 11 seconds Fuel Type Petrol Gearbox MANUAL Available colours MPG Official overall fuel economy figure Boot Capacity How much space is there? litres. Epey - Audi A1 Sportback TFSI HP S tronic Sport - Audi A4 TFSI HP S 5.

    Koltuk Dцюemesi Tipi. Deri. Kumaю. Dцюeme Цzellikleri. Audi A1 satэlэk 2. el & sэfэr araba modelleri ve fiyat listesi ile 'da! HIZAL MOTORS AUDI A1 TFSI S-TRONIC AMBITION KIRMIZI ЗЭFT RENK. Ayrэca sport line' da standart olarak Audi Drive Select sistemi A1, юu anda ьlkemizde sadece Sportback formunda TFSI ve TDI.

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